Terms for Babysitters

The below information is a legal binding document for you (babysitter) and Auckland Babysitting agency. Accepting any placement is also instant acceptance of the terms and conditions listed.

Minimum Standards:

You have the extremely important job of caring for our clients children. You are therefore expected to be reliable, courteous, and enthusiastic and to use your initiative at all times.

On accruing a placement it is vitally important for you (as the babysitter) to call the Auckland Babysitting client 24 hours after confirmation has been made. This call is to introduce yourself, confirm again start/finish times, babysitting address/directions and ask of any special requirements, also you may like to confirm the total cost payable to you so there is no discrepancies at the end of your placement.

You are to never turn up to a babysitting placement under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

On absolutely NO occasion are you permitted to have any friends, family or partners on the job with you. If this does happen, then immediately you will cease to be part of the Auckland Babysitting Team

You agree to be honest and not to mislead Auckland Babysitting in anyway in regards to your registration, information provided by you in the regsitration or your CV.  If we find that you have been misleading or dishonest we have the right to remove you from the team.

You are the primary caregiver of Auckland Babysitting’s client's children and under NO circumstances are you to leave the children alone. It is your responsibility to keep their environment safe and happy.

You must always take into consideration that this is not your house/hotel room. You must always respect the privacy of the client and leave their environment as you found it. The client's private telephone is not to be used except under emergency situations.

Guidelines for your own safety:

On arrival at your placement, you must be clear and comfortable of what the client requests. It is your responsibility to feel safe and comfortable in your new environment. Safety of our sitters is of high importance to us and we want you the sitter, to feel safe and secure at all times.

Let a friend or relative know exactly where you are and what you are doing, what time you are expected back. Make sure your friend or relative has a copy of contact details, address, name of the clients and phone number if any.

Keep a charged cell phone with you.

If under any circumstances you may feel threatened or unsafe, then you should leave straight away, as long as you are not leaving children alone. Please contact us immediately.

Auckland Babysitting acts as an agency, not your employer. Therefore Auckland Babysitting does not pay your PAYE tax to the Inland Revenue Department. This is your responsibility and we strongly advise you do this to avoid any tax repercussions. You can visit the site www.ird.govt.nz

As a sitter for Auckland Babysitting you are on NO occasion to make private bookings with Auckland Babysitting clients. Should this be discovered fees will apply to both you and the Auckland Babysitting client and you will NO longer be part of the Auckland Babysitting team.

As your Nanny and Babysitter agency, not your employer Auckland Babysitting does not accept any responsibility for accident, injury, illness, loss or damage sustained by you, Auckland Babysitting clients or any other persons. On acceptance of the babysitter placement you agree to the condition that Auckland Babysitting is excluded from liability should any mishap occur.

You are solely responsible for receipt and payment of your babysitting fees from clients of Auckland Babysitting.  Auckland Babysitting terms of trade require its clients to pay you directly in cash or by other arrangements that you make directly with them.  Under no circumstances is Auckland Babysitting liable to you in the event that a client fails to pay you either in full or at all.

If you confirmed a babysitting placement, then you are responsible to up hold your commitment, to the client and to Auckland Babysitting, this is important for the reputation of the service provided by Auckland Babysitting and the rest of the team.

Thank you for being part of the Auckland Babysitting team. Without you and the others in our team this service will not be offered to families of New Zealand. We hope you enjoy being part of the Auckland Babysitting team and we will endeavor to provide you with many nanny/babysitting opportunities and some good money to be made in your spare time.